The Rainbow Acres  

Title: The Rainbow Acres  

Author: Simrita Dhir

Format: Paperback  

Publisher: Om Books International

Length: 287 pages


In the spring of 1916, seventeen-year-old Kishan Singh is euphoric in his village Noor Mahal in Punjab, British India as he dreams of going to college, landing a government job and marrying his heartthrob Roop. Summer flies in with promise but ends in disaster when heavy rains flood the fields, wrecking the cotton crop and triggering influenza which leaves behind a trail of dead villagers. Kishan Singh’s dreams are ruthlessly washed away. Devastated, he sets off on a life-threatening voyage across two oceans for a distant and unknown land.
On a cataclysmic day in 1919, Sophia’s idyllic world in Guadalajara, Mexico, falls apart when she becomes a hapless victim to the ravages of the Mexican Revolution. She battles hunger, poverty and near prostitution before embarking on a perilous night journey across the border.
Will their paths cross in the land of opportunities that is overrun with racial and class barriers?
The Rainbow Acres is a moving saga of migration, selfless love, fortitude, friendship, and the quest for land and identity, set against the backdrop of old Punjab, early California and revolution-torn Mexico.


The authors insight and beautiful use of language makes this book a masterpiece. It is a must read. As I went on reading the book I was more and more drawn into the book, the characters and the incidents that took place in their lives. The readers feel the pain of the characters like Kishan and Sophia, they rejoice when they are happy and are delighted when the characters finally achieve what they want. The book portrays the true form of life which shows how it is filled with struggles and how the world is filled with opportunities for those who have the spirit and the will power to achieve their dreams. It book is an absolute delight to read. The characters are well carved and each one be it major or a minor character has its own important role to play in the story. The wise use of words recreates the images of the settings and places used in the transports the readers right at the places mentioned. The book nicely highlights truth, hard work, love, friendship in this awesome novel. And once the readers reach to a point where the title of the book is decoded, it is sure to leave a smile. The read is filled with emotions and straight touches the heart. The book is too good to be a debut novel which shows the hard work and how well read the author is. The book has made a special place in my heart and I would be getting back to it from time to time. The read will be one of those I will cherish.


4.5 /5



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