The Journey: Traveller With In

Title: The Journey: Traveller With In

Author: Tarun Deep Singh  

Format: Paperback /Ebook


Length: 153 pages


Many have warned against evil delving in human mind keeping him completely engrossed in futile actions. They also have shown the path to dissolve it, to prevent the human values from hitting rock bottom. But still, logical mind keeps asking the big question ‘How ’? We observe evil’s occurrence, its pattern, people impacted by it, a bit of nature but still not sure why ‘root cause ’ always eludes us. Few reasons, issues are associated with hidden fears and incorrect understanding caused by wrong perceptions. People can be expert of the outside world but only a few countable have truly glanced at the inner world. And that’s why we fail to rectify our actions instigated by evil residing in us. So, in this work I plan to take a deeper dive to find out what all an individual experiences in a journey to become a ‘Better Individual’; like an obstruction in efficient comprehension of evil, his struggle and hindrance caused by evil to continue with it, only possible approach of faith for appropriate formulation of underlying solutions to overcome it and that part of himself which is hidden from him. It is easy to give up when an individual finds evil residing in him. No doubt it is hard to resist but the actual reason is ‘Guilt’, the remorse of being the hub of vices. And believe me, even too much guilt can sow the seeds of evil. Not everyone can absorb the shocks of such experience. And only a few lucky ones keep walking and achieve their destiny. I pray and urge that those who have walked the path shower enough grace on us that even we can achieve the state of ‘self-realization’. Throughout the book, I have given respect to evil just to suggest that it is very potent. Anyone should not lock horns, like I will live in complete austerity, with it in one go since any individual is bound to lose against it. One should try in small steps to get rid of it. But it does not leave till an individual rises to the highest level of consciousness and gain enough depth to ignore the temptations. It seems that such a state is the end of actions since he has risen above ‘Karmas’. So I ask what if same has been assumed by Krishna, Christ, Prophet Mohammad, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and many like them where we would have ended.


The book is not exactly a self-help book with the usual topics. It is more of a philosophical book which talks about a person, specifically a souls journey to attain what its true purpose is. The writer is not only well read but also clear with the ideas in his head about which he has written in the book. The book, at first glance seems to be a manageable short read but it is not that at all. It is a highly philosophical book with a deep knowledge about things relating to the mind as well as the body. It requires full attention and a purpose to know about the reader’s journey and to relate to it so that one knows how far they have reached and how farther they have to travel.

The initial chapter might seem a bit confusing with the use of a rather confusing language and poor editing. However, as the reader proceeds, this thought vanishes. The first chapter sets the tone for the upcoming chapters and builds up a kind of curiosity. It beautifully puts forth the idea of “the fallen one” which the writers retain throughout the book. In the second chapter, the writer has discovered the phenomenon of light and darkness and how humans are guided by the two. Chapter 3 puts forth a very interesting take on ‘faith’. The rain example in the fourth chapter puts forth the views of the writer about facts and fiction. The section serves as an eye-opener and is liberating for the reader’s mind. The writer presents a new perspective on nothingness which makes the travelers (the readers) understand what nothingness truly is.

The book is written in an engaging way. The use of various quotes used in the book is also delightful to read. The writers thought and his research in understanding something deeply philosophical is reflected throughout the book. I would recommend it to everyone who is trying to figure out the true purpose of their life and would urge all those who are yet to set on that journey to read the book. The book has instances where there is a poor use of language but the topics touched upon by the book are unmatched. Such books are the ones which more and more people should read and implement in their lives.


3 /5



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