Happiness is All We Want

Title: Happiness is All We Want

Author: Ashutosh Mishra

Format: Paperback /Kindle Edition

Publisher: Bloomsbury India

Length: 212 pages


Today, we are leading our lives in mindless pursuit, unable even to articulate what we are pursuing. We are unhappy even after achieving what we desire. Happiness is all we want! suggests that the source of peace and happiness is within us if we know the secret. the book’s objective is to help us unlock that secret and attain a high level of overall well-being in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life and be the healthiest we can be, mentally and physically. A wide variety of tools and techniques are explained in simple language. Many real-life experiences of the author as well as other people are interspersed through the book. Demystifying the spiritual aspect of wellbeing, this book integrates it with your life objectives. You can immensely improve not only the peace and happiness in your life but your beauty and appearance as well.


The first thought that I got after I got this book in my hand was that the book was larger than most of the books that we find in the market nowadays it is also longer in length comparatively. One reason for this is the vast topics that the author has touched in the book. The wide scope of the book is presented right at the index page of the book. here you can see a wide range of topics from yoga to spiritual and practical approaches to living a happy life. The author beautifully terms material happiness as “projected happiness”. The 3 main focuses that form the main sections of the book are mind, body, and soul. The book gives to the readers a holistic framework. The writer talks about the 5 main things that one must focus in life and them being health, relationship, career, wealth and society rather than just running after money and materialistic pleasures. There is a very innovative way in which the author organizes the various ways that he mentions to make life better. This, the author refers to as SWC which is an abbreviation for Smart Wellbeing Capsule. The author has included contents and mentioned various TED talks, book recommendations, and other related studies relating to the topic. This indicates that the extensive research and the good preparedness of the author. There are things like things to do, things to ponder after every chapter that provide the readers an insight and makes them evaluate their standing when it comes to their own life. the part about expectations is very well written and must be read by each and every one is what I would recommend. The content of the book focuses on ancient Indian sutras, Upanishads, Reiki as well as contemporary knowledge and ways. As a bonus, the readers will come across real-life examples as to how the particular way has helped to enhance peoples lives. the author uses the metaphors of Donkey and Horse in the book which are very relatable and serves the point that the authors want to make rightly. The author has included a lot of teachings preached in the Bhagwad Gita. The Spiritual section is highly philosophical and a must read. The law of Karma is explained by the author briefly and in a perfect way and this is done not just for actions but also for thoughts. This is by far the best self-help book that I have read. The language and the contents are simple and straight to the point. I would recommend this book to all the readers irrespective of age, gender, origin and genre preference.


4.5 /5



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