The Godkiller- Volume 1

Title: The Godkiller

Author: Swayam Singh

Format: Paperback /Kindle Edition

Length: 380 pages


The struggle between Civilization, Nation and Tribes is tearing the world apart. The Gods have gotten old; they cannot hold back the chaos any longer. The only hope for the people remains in founding a God of reason. And that requires the death of the old Gods of faith. Who will kill the old Gods? Who will stake the entire world in the pursuit of reason? Who will be the Godkiller?


The book has a rather different theme than most of the trending books today. It is based on tribes, nations and civilizations. The story book focuses on the character Stargazer who is at large shaped by different societies that he is associated with in the course of life. his life starts of as him being a victim of the society and moves ahead in a fast-paced way. The story line resonates the writer’s intellect and insight with the vast arena of fields that the book looks into like humanity, politics, religion, culture and trading. The peculiarity of the book is also reflected through the importance that is gives to the natural elements. The concept that the writer has chosen for his book is a bit complicated. The book makes use of very good English and might be a bit hard to get along with for those who are not very comfortable with the language. For the people looking for an English language treat, this can be “the one” for them. The book has many characters and all of them contribute significantly to the building of the story. The whole idea of creation of a new god seems really fascinating. Between every two chapters there is a dream sequence placed. These sequences are well drafted and beautify the story. The whole story line is in all deep and intense. The book however is lengthy and the tiny font is bothersome. Apart from that I really liked the first part and look forward to the next one.


4 /5




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