Vitamin G Gratitude

Title: Vitamin G Gratitude

Author: Prashant Jain

Format: Paperback/ Kindle Edition available too.

Length:202 pages


Do you feel taken for Granted by your loved ones?
Is there too much complaining in your workplace?
Do you wish there was less Entitlement and Envy in the world?
Then “Vitamin G: Gratitude for a Magical Life ‘ is the Answer!
You will shift to practicing authentic gratitude in a world of transactional thanking with this book.
Through stories, humour, exercises, wordplay, reflections and 42 quick practices (that you can do in less than 5 minutes a day) makes Magic happen in all aspects of your life like relationships, health, happiness, work, business, money.

Embracing Gratitude and Grateful Living through this book will help you develop resilience to face life’s major challenges and adversities, rewire your brain towards optimism, and heal through emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as unleash inner and outer abundance.
Through almost a decade of life experimentation, latest scientific proven research, ancient wisdom and practical daily common sense, the techniques in this book will help you connect to Gratitude and grateful living at the core of your being through the 6A framework.
In “Vitamin G: Gratitude”, Prashant Jain – Entrepreneur & Gratitude Coach, brings together incidents from his life with a narrative, making the case for the miraculous power of gratitude to bring joy, increase life satisfaction and maximize the quality of life.
This book draws insights from Prashant’s own inspiring story of being a millionaire at 24 to facing adversities and depression besides two suicide attempts, to resurrecting and creating a magical life of fulfillment through the transformational power of Grateful Living.


Self-help books have always fascinated me and it is a real joy reading them. This was the first time that I read a book which was completely based on Gratitude which the author refers to as Vitamin G. The book is sure to work wonders for anyone who reads and implements the things that are written in the book. The book talks about a life full of gratitude and how gratitude can transform any life into a good life. It also preaches gratitude as a way of life where one can discover a lot about oneself, others and life as a whole from a new perspective apart from the materialistic gains got from it. A few things that I really liked about this book are that the things that the author has written about are not anything commonly found that you just read but they are those life formulas that the writer has tried and empowered his life through. The things written are unique and are not repetitive at any point in the book. Also, the illustrations at the end of each chapter which tells how the implementation of the ideas show be done. Anyone who follows the gratitude solutions is sure to have an ideal life. I really loved the book and would recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to live a great life. The book preaches a lot of thing in a very simple language and is surely a must read for people of all ages and lovers of all genres.


4 /5



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